Physical and Digital Platform

n its role as a central connector of projects and people, the maieutics school can make use of various instruments. To begin with, it can simply offer people the space they need to realize its core tasks. That space can be either physical or digital. Of course, this approach requires support and cooperation from partners who endorse the mission and vision of the maieutics school and are consequently willing to participate in it, either materially or finan-cially. Websites can be built to facilitate such things as research, teaching and coaching. Physical spaces can be rented or borrowed to host lectures, coaching sessions, debates and lectures.

The current website is a first step in the establishment of this school. Through this website – as a business card and meeting place – the school may grow into a broader-based project. Subsequently, networking and sparring with like-minded people is important in order to get inspiration and manpower for the actual implementation. Setting up courses requires experience in teaching and the know-how to set up a course within the principles of the maieutics school, not to mention the form – digital and/or physical – in which this is done. Conducting research requires sufficient academic training and/or supervision to bring such research to a successful conclusion. This school can therefore only grow into something beautiful, if enough motivated people and organizations with commitment and creative ideas want to join this new direction c.q. philosophy of life. Only then will there be a lively center of knowledge in which people can meet each other around the all-embracing theme of ‘love’.