Library Function

Aknowledge center and meeting place should also offer a network of all kinds of media and events to which researchers, teachers, students and other interested parties have free ac-cess. Not that the maieutics school itself should have all these media at its disposal or should organize all these events. That may be possible in the future, when this school has social status. But it can take on the task, as a knowledge platform, of systematically referring to relevant media and events on numerous, separate themes related to its mission and vision. In this sense, the school can therefore fulfil a kind of library function.

Via a website, for example – a digital library – the maieutics school can help people find the right media (articles, books, videos, photos and the like) and events (lectures, debates, sym-posia, lectures, work-shops) on a sub-topic. References and links can be made to catalogs, YouTube, websites, authors, publishers and upcoming events. Important publications and events can be highlighted (and/or reviewed) in a separate section with information about authors and organizations.

In this way, a digital network can be created in which media and events are conveniently presented per topic. At least this can be done in rough outlines that will be further refined in the future. Possibly the so-called semantic web will be used, so that the various themes are related to each other in a meaningful way, thus strengthening the search function and increasing the overview. The input of committed and enthusiastic ICT professionals is of course indispensable here.