Aesthetics/Music Philosophy

Plato (427-347 B.C.) is without doubt one of the greatest metaphysical thinkers in the Western tradition (Wikimedia Commons).

Following on from the specific research (case studies) on art, perhaps the results can be incorporated into a new kind of aesthetics. It is difficult to anticipate this here, since the specific research has yet to be conducted. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that, partly on the basis of this, a new conception of concepts such as ‘beauty’ and ‘creativity’ and of the meaning of art in general will emerge. Certainly if art is related to a metaphysical reality of unconditional love and supreme beauty, this may possibly give a certain depth and development to the meaning of earthly art. It is possible that Platonic notions – for example, earthly beauty as a kind of reflection (mimèsis) of heavenly Beauty – will play a role in this.