Language Philosophy

Research has shown that people with a totality experience often demonstrate a form of telepathic communication or feeling communication that goes beyond the verbal and written language and communication that we generally know on earth. Some examples from experiencers:

“I looked at this light being that was slightly to my left, but was in my field of vision. The light being was emitting white-yellow light, in which I was bathed – a very comforting, accepting and loving light. It was very bright, but not painful to my eyes. The angel was neither male nor female and had no clear facial features, only a vague image of them. The communication between us was telepathic.”

“We come to a piece for which there are no more words. So there came a very pleasant feeling, let’s put it that way, but it’s not a feeling anymore, it’s an accompaniment – but it’s not that either. (…) I was aware of intelligence, but there are no words for it. So I try to describe it as the intelligence of harmony, the intelligence of peace. Balance, peace, but above all intelligence.”

“There was something else though. What I don’t know, I didn’t see anything. That worked more with feeling, so like you would speak with telepathy. And that’s how it spoke to me. I don’t know who that was, it was at least someone who meant well.”

“I can’t say what kind of sense of communication that was in that light. It was… more of a sense of ‘being’.”

“There were more energies like ‘my’ energy, which were surrounded by beautiful loving energy beings. These beings were almost transparent and shrouded in a kind of curtain or veil. There was no speaking, just feeling. I was also those beings, as one energy, like an arm that belongs to your body. We were a unity that individualized into different forms. At that moment I understood everything at once! It was as if I had taken in an encyclopedia with all the information, which expressed itself in images.”

“The ‘words’ that the angels spoke (they were more thoughts than words) penetrated every cell of my body. It was so intense. I soaked it all up like a sponge and had no doubt that it was true, because it was so obvious.”

Specific research can be devoted to this exceptional phenomenon to begin with. This can be followed by comparative, systematic reflections on the essence of communication and lan-guage as such. What, for example, is the meaning of language from a metaphysical point of view? To what extent does the main theme of ‘love’ play a role in language and communica-tion in physical reality? Is language essentially a form of communicating love? These are just some of the questions that could be addressed in a new philosophy of language. Pos-sibly in this way one can penetrate to the essence of language, especially since our being consists of unconditional love, as the maieutics school assumes. Perhaps this new philo-sophy of language can find a connection with the reflections on aesthetics, insofar as there also seems to be a certain form of communication there. In this way language and commu-nication are raised to a higher, metaphysical plane.