The Relationship between the Experience of Doubt and Totality

According to the maieutics school, both philosophical foundational experiences stand in a dialectical relationship, with the doubt experience representing the aspect of the question and the totality experience representing the aspect of the answer. The first experience exposes (earthly) finitude in all its ferocity and with it all the existential questions that finitude raises in many different situations. The second experience, on the other hand, shows that finitude is in reality part of an infinite realm, in which Unconditional Love reigns. In the end, nothing and no one is lost. The meaning of earthly life is to manifest our unconditionally loving nature (after all, we are all children of the primal principle) on earth in physical form and in as many ways as possible.

The maieutics school wants not only to introduce this theologically comprehensive per-spective to people, but also to elaborate it in all kinds of forms – through the aforementioned core tasks. That is its mission. For, as stated, its vision is the creation of a harmonious society, based on the primal principle of Unconditional Love.

Dr. Lani Leary's Near-Death Experience