Systematisch onderzoek

This type of research is broader in nature than the specific research and focuses on the general philosophical effects of both ground experiences.


The two philosophical foundational experiences are fundamental to the construction of a new metaphysics. While on the one hand the…

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Philosophical Ethics

Philosophical Ethics Reeds Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), schrijver,filosoof en leerling van Kant, bekritiseert Kantsplichtethiek en zet er een gevoelsethiektegenover (Wikimedia Commons). With Unconditional…

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Social Philosophy

ocial philosophy is about the relationship between the individual human being and his society. If the essence of man consists…

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Political Philosophy

Western politics is based on a democratic system, where the people (demos) rule (kratein). However, one can critically question whether…

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Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of law involves questions about the nature of law and our relationship to it. Various forms of legal systems…

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Language Philosophy

Research has shown that people with a totality experience often demonstrate a form of telepathic communication or feeling communication that…

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