Unconditional Love


The central concept in the Maieutics School is ‘Unconditional Love’. At first glance, you might wonder what philosophers have to do with this concept: doesn’t it actually belong mainly in psychology? Shouldn’t philosophers deal with much more businesslike (and ‘masculine’) subjects, such as logic, politics, social issues or, if they have any time left, the philosophical question of God? So doesn’t the ‘cobbler stick to your last’ principle apply here?

The right answer to the above questions is both simple and astonishing. For this we turn to the many experiencers worldwide, ie people with an extraordinary (spiritual/metaphysical) experience, such as a near-death experience, nowadays called near-death experience (NDE). Did you know that in the Netherlands alone, according to data from 2007, more than 600,000 people have had an NDE in the past half century? These include people from all walks of life, with all kinds of different backgrounds and ages. As many as 90% of children in critical condition experience an NDE. What some of the experiencers say in response to their spiritual experience definitions imagination: love turns out to be not just a human emotion, love is the metaphysical foundation of all reality!

For example, they say:

“I always had believed that love was just a human feeling that you experienced from time to time. Even in my wildest dreams, I had not suspected that it was really EVERYTHING”.

Unconditional love is “a state of being, not an emotion. That means it has no opposite. Human love is an emotion, and like all other emotions, it is dual. An opposing emotion, such as fear or hate, provides the balance. But untrue love is ordinary. It is not just one side of the coin – it is the whole coin!”.

“Every atom, quark and tetraquark is made up of love […]. Even things that seem negative are all part of the infinite, unconditional spectrum of love. The life force energy of the universe is even love”.

“Everything that exists in reality is unconditional love”.

If it is indeed true that all of reality is made of love, it means that we humans are also made of it. This insight has gigantic implications for our view of humanity and the world! We no longer have to see the world unilaterally as a horrible place where a wolf = man lives, but as a place with potential, where we as inhabitants have the opportunity to manifest ourselves as loving beings. And do so in all possible areas, both private and social. This view of man and the world is very different from what various religious and atheistic traditions have been telling us for years. And from which much misery has resulted.

In the two videos alongside, you can listen to the moving testimonies and quotes from experts by experience about Unconditional Love as the primal principle of all reality…



Witness Statements 1


Witness Statements 2




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