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Why Research?

The Maieutics School is concerned with research into metaphysical experiences. It counts experiences of finitude (e.g. the experience of suffering and death) on the one hand and experiences of infinity (e.g. the near-death experience) on the other. In both cases, people are inspired to reflect on their own lives as well as the world in which they live them. And in both cases, people sometimes develop a personal view of reality, whether or not they use the philosophical term ‘metaphysics’ in the process.

The fact is that metaphysical experiences seem to yield a wisdom that is not, or at least not obtained in the same way through regular scientific research. Moreover, that wisdom is not only of personal interest (namely for the person having that experience), but also for humanity as a whole. For through metaphysical experiences, we seem to acquire a kind of knowledge that can fundamentally change our personal lives and thus – as an effect of that individual change – society/the world as a collective collection of individuals.

The Maieutics School distinguishes at least two types of research, namely specific research (case studies) and systematic research. The first type refers to the study of aspects of metaphysical experience as such. The second type refers to the systematic thinking through of the results of specific research, and this within the individual subject areas. Below, according to illustrative examples.

For the record, it is not the case that the Maieutics School itself is already fully exploring these examples. They are merely examples that might be explored in the future, for example by people who are not currently connected to our school. In that sense, these examples constitute an invitation to the reader…

Casestudies (Research Proposals)
  • Case Study I. Cultural Boundaries and Unboundedness (click here)
  • Case Study II. The Shared-Death Experience (click here)
  • Case Study III. Unconditional Love as a Comprehensive Primal Principle (click here)
Systematic studies (Research Proposals)
  • Metaphysics (click here)