Our Children

Children worldwide who grow up within the highly polemical context of the aforemen-tioned oppositions thereby learn that thinking in oppositions – which sows aversion and hatred between people – is perfectly normal. Those children, too, will therefore begin to act and behave in this way again, and so will their children and so on. In the view of the maieu-tics school, this is a disastrous path. It is also an immature and stupid path. Stupid, because one locks oneself up as a human being in a never ending circle of reproach and hatred towards others. Immature, because it gives children a bad example, instead of a perspective on spiritual growth and social fraternity. Present-day humanity does not teach its children love and respect for all their fellow men, but rather fear, distrust and even hatred of those who are not ‘us’. In this way any hope of a peaceful society is lost. As soon as one person robs another of his identity and freedom, one commits, in a sense, an act of violence. If you raise children this way, you keep them away from their divine core and origin, which consists only of love.