Mission and Vision

The universal theology of the maieutics school relates to all aspects of being human. Do-mains such as metaphysics and anthropology, psychology and ethics, society and politics, as well as law, language and art can be deeply influenced by it. The reason for this is that within the discipline of philosophical theology the primal principle (Greek: archè) of all reality has been asked for a long time. If one discovers this primal principle, one has immediately grasped the essence of everything.

That is why the maieutics school sees it as her task to uncover that essence – which she calls Unconditional Love – in all areas of life. That is its mission. This mission translates itself into, among other things, alternative and interdisciplinary forms of research, educa-tion and coaching. Also, this school wants to offer itself as a connecting platform for like-minded people, as well as an intermediary between philosophies of life. Through these five core tasks, the maieutics school tries to realize its vision, namely the realization of a harmonious world society, based on the primal principle of Unconditional Love.